Meet people out of your reach

IntroLogic is a trusted community of people who introduce one another to their prospects.

Companies using IntroLogic to accelerate their pipeline

Intelligently connect with your prospects

Your sales prospects don’t want cold calls and emails- they prefer to work with sales professionals referred by someone they know. Leverage your company’s entire graph of connections and IntroLogic’s intelligence to source high-value introductions for your sales team. When you consider all of your employees, advisors, investors, and even customers, the opportunity is immense.


more likely a B2B buyer will engage when introduced (LinkedIn)


increase in conversion rate for leads generated by referrals (R&G technologies)


decrease in sales cycle (NMCC)

Exchange introductions to reach anyone in the network

Now you can get introduced to prospects outside your network by exchanging introductions with other IntroLogic users. You make introductions for them, and they make introductions for you. Everybody wins.

Track every step of introductions

IntroLogic keeps track of all opens, interactions and messages of each introduction. You'll know the exact status of each introduction, with actionable events to followup.

Investors have invaluable connections

The best investors already make valuable introductions for their portfolio companies. By streamlining the process and mapping your connections against your portfolio companies’ CRMs, IntroLogic helps investors streamline the process and accelerate the introductions by 10x.

How it works

Connect the networks

Invite all the stakeholders of your company to connect their LinkedIn and email accounts so IntroLogic can determine not only who they know, but how well they know them.

Connect your CRM

Your CRM data is used to identify and intelligently expand your target account list, which becomes the basis for the introduction recommendations.

Request Introductions

Review the recommended introductions or search the entire graph of connections to source your own. The entire process is streamlined to make it effortless for everyone.

Start accelerating your sales pipeline with more introductions